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Diabetes and Aortic Stenosis

Having both diabetes and aortic stenosis makes it more likely that you will develop severe aortic stenosis.

Advances in Aortic Valve Replacement

Recent advances in aortic valve replacement have resulted in safe, minimally invasive techniques.

Expert Advice on Aortic Stenosis


The Role of TAVR in Treating Aortic Stenosis

Compared with open-heart surgery, TAVR is quicker, less painful, and recovery is easier and shorter.

What I Wish Heart Patients Knew About TAVR

Because TAVR is fairly new, there’s a lot patients might not know about it.

Expert Tips for Getting Through TAVR

Dr. Hursh Naik shares what he discusses when helping patients prepare for a TAVR procedure.

How TAVR Can Help Intermediate- and High-Risk Aortic Stenosis Patients

There are several effective treatment options for aortic stenosis.

TAVR: Don't Hesitate

When George started experiencing shortness of breath on neighborhood walks, he knew something was wrong. Luckily, he didn't hesitate in finding treatment.

Aortic Stenosis: Why See a Specialist?

Aortic stenosis is a complex disease that affects everyone differently. That’s why patients should follow a specific treatment plan.

Aortic Stenosis By the Numbers

Get to know the important statistics around aortic stenosis in this infographic, along with risk factors, symptoms and treatment options.

Everyday Recovery Boosters After TAVR

Get the most out of your recovery time by deliberately planning out some strategies to help you move forward.

Treatment for Aortic Stenosis

What are your treatment options once you've been diagnosed with aortic stenosis?

TAVR Gave Me My Life Back

Earnest's doctors thought he was too weak for open-heart surgery, so instead they suggested TAVR to treat his aortic stenosis.

Meet Your Aortic Stenosis Team

Get to know some of the people who could be on your TAVR team.

Chest Pain Could Mean Aortic Valve Disease

Chest pain can mean many things, but in some cases, it can mean something serious.

TAVR Surgery Saved My Life

Dick found himself out of breath during his daily walks. A visit to the cardiologist resulted in an aortic stenosis diagnosis.

Living With Aortic Stenosis

Dangers of Aortic Stenosis

When you have severe aortic stenosis, sudden death becomes a bigger risk. 

Is Your Aortic Stenosis Getting Worse?

To protect your health, you need to monitor your condition on a regular basis. 

Living With Aortic Stenosis

Over time, you can feel tired more easily, short of breath, or weak or faint—all symptoms that can affect your quality of life. 

Surgery for Aortic Stenosis

Working Well Under Pressure

All About TAVR

Are you considering minimally invasive surgery for aortic stenosis?

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