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3 Signs It's Time for a Different Knee Pain Treatment

Osteoarthritis knee pain can be frustrating and unpredictable. But there’s no reason to just live with the pain. In fact, there are good reasons to find another treatment sooner rather than later.

Does your knee pain force you to give things up?

You shouldn’t have to give things up due to pain. Be honest with yourself and your doctor about the effect knee pain is having on your activities.

people on gym bikes
Is knee pain keeping you from exercising?

Exercise is a key component of any treatment plan for osteoarthritis knee pain. If your knee pain is preventing you from exercising, that is a sign you may need to talk to your doctor about available treatment options.

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Are your current treatments falling short?

If you’ve tried exercise and over-the-counter pain relievers, and haven’t found enough knee pain relief, don’t give up. There are other options besides surgery. Talk to your doctor about the right treatment for you.

How Can You Exercise if You're in Pain?

A different treatment option could help

Take the first step
Ready to try something different?

When exercise and over-the-counter pain relievers aren't enough, Synvisc-One® (hylan G-F 20), the #1 prescribed viscosupplement injection, can help provide the osteoarthritis knee pain relief you need.

Viscosupplements add to your natural joint fluid to help lubricate the joint to keep it working smoothly and act as a shock absorber to cushion bones when you move.

They’re different from steroid injections, which are used to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Your doctor is counting on you to be honest about your pain, and direct about your needs. When you’re ready to try something different be sure to ask your doctor if Synvisc-One is right for you.

Get up to six months of osteoarthritis knee pain relief with Synvisc-One.*

You don’t need to be in constant pain to be ready for a different treatment.

Receive a FREE Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Relief Info Kit to learn more about Synvisc-One today.

*As shown in a medical study comparing Synvisc-One to an injection of salt water.

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