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Types of Immunotherapy for Metastatic Melanoma

Immunotherapy is showing promise for treating patients with metastatic melanoma, and a few drugs have been approved by the FDA.

Understanding Immunotherapy


How Immunotherapy Is Changing Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapies improve symptoms and quality of life and have few side effects—they’re changing the paradigm.

What Is Immunotherapy and How Does It Fight Cancer?

Immunotherapy is a group of treatments that help your immune system find and fight cancer.

Immunotherapy Video Network

What is immunotherapy, and how can it fight cancer? These experts explain this exciting new treatment.

With certain cancer patients, immunotherapy can give people the chance to have a normal life.

Immunotherapy can offer a durable, long-term response to therapy for patients with lung cancer.

Immunotherapy doesn't work for all patients with cancer. Who is it best for?

Leta talks about her journey with advanced melanoma, from discovery to diagnosis to treatment with immunotherapy.

Three patients who have treated cancer with immunotherapy discuss their experiences.

New Treatments for Advanced Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer: Why See a Specialist?

Lung cancer is a complex type of cancer that affects everyone differently. That’s why you should follow a unique treatment plan.

Types and Stages of Lung Cancer

The type and stage of your lung cancer will determine how your doctor approaches your treatment.

Managing the Side Effects of Lung Cancer Treatment

The treatment you'll need depends on the type and stage of lung cancer.

New Treatment Options for Renal Cell Carcinoma

New Treatment Options for Metastatic Melanoma

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